Free Makeup & Beauty Samples 

How to Get The Best Free Makeup Samples by Mail or Online


Dear Makeup Junkie,

I don’t know about you but with the economy the way it is I can’t afford to run out and buy the newest hottest products to grace the shelves without knowing first that they will work for me.

With the beauty industry raking in billions of dollars every year, I figure the least they could do is send me free samples of their products. And guess what — they do!

What if you could get the newest makeup, hottest skin care products, latest perfumes, and the most talked about hair care products sent to you free of charge; arriving in your mailbox, day after day?

Well now you can and I’ll teach you how! So let’s get started.

Online there are hundreds, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of sample offerings made yearly by companies trying to promote their newest products. The amazing thing is, these sample offerings generally are available for free if you simply ask.

The problem is that many times finding out where to ask for these samples is next to impossible; so most people give up in frustration and move on to the next thing.

Do any of these statements sound familiar:

You’re unsure of how to locate those prized beauty samples your friends are always finding on the Internet?

Do your girlfriends kid you about being clueless on how to use Google or the other search engines to find the free beauty samples you desire?

Do you easily become overwhelmed by all the offers you run into, volunteering to send you samples, because you’re skeptical about which ones you can trust?

This short, one of a kind, no-nonsense article will guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know about how and where to get free beauty samples online.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Suggestions on how to track the offers you have requested.

How to use Google to find award winning samples that have just come out on the market.

Tips to help you tell the real offers from the fake or scam offers so you can protect yourself and your family.

What you can do in the event your sample doesn’t arrive.

You’ll also discover a list of sites you can browse easily to locate hundreds of elite beauty samples on a daily basis.

You’ll quickly master the techniques of finding the beauty sample offers you crave, fill out the request forms in less time, and receive your free beauty samples in your mailbox easily and quickly.

I wrote this article because I, too, love all types of beauty products — from hair care to skin care, from makeup to perfume… in fact my husband says our house is filled with the stuff!

But three years ago my husband and I fell prey to the economy like many other people did and both lost our jobs.

Although we both have found new jobs, the pay isn’t what it used to be. So I had a choice to make pay our bills to keep a roof over our two children’s heads or continue to buy the newest beauty products that came out in the marketplace.

Of course the choice was simple, so I had to find another way to get my fix for all those new beauty products.

The result is this website.

Continue reading and discover how you too can get your ‘fix’ for all the newest, hottest beauty samples around without spending a dime! Enjoy…